Jul 152011

Before we get into tonight’s proceedings, allow me, if you would, to give a much deserved shout out to a Pulp Fiction Alumni, Dennis Hopeless.  If you haven’t heard, Dennis has two big books coming out very soon.  In fact, if you haven’t heard, go here and read about them.  We’ll wait…

Okay, so now you’re up to date about the fact that he has a new graphic novel called Lovestruck shipping in September and his first book from Marvel (about the Legion of Monsters) shipping in October.  Good.  Now you have to buy them.

So, to get into the product for next week, there’s no better way to begin than with Adam West.  In fact, the new Mis-Adventures of Adam West comic is all up in the business of Adam West.  If you know him from Batman or Family Guy or Robinson Crusoe on Mars (doubtful), then you’ll be happy to know that he’s saved the universe!  Yes, in this book from Bluewater, Adam uses a magical amulet to venture through all sorts of space and time to save everything!  Everyone Batusi!

Next up a bit of the ‘ole spooky, spooky.  Haunted City #0 is a joint venture between Aspen comics and McG, the director of Charlie’s Angels.  But it’s not all jumpy, jiggly girls.  No, in fact, it’s more paranormal activity and creepy magic.  Seen from the perspective of a New York cop who’s been through it all, this book chronicles the mystic underbelly of the city that never sleeps.  The zero issue specifically details the entire unseen history of New York, giving you a rundown of all the magical forces present throughout the city’s existence.

Alright, statue time!  Break it down!

**Hammer dances across the room**

Speaking of breaking it down, Colossus is doing plenty of that in his new Danger Room Sessions statue.  The newest in this highly detailed, exceptional sculpted line of statues, Colossus is doing as the previous statues, and basically all X-Men do, destroying the danger room.  Kotobukiya is known for producing statues posed dynamically and painted beautifully and this one’s no different.

To finish things off tonight, we bring you two more statues, this time from Bishoujo.  These two new ladies fall into the recent Women of DC and Marvel line that Bishoujo has been releasing.  One from each here, with Supergirl from DC and the Invisible Woman from Marvel.  Both come on appropriate bases and are sculpted in the shapely cheesecake manner fanboys have come to expect.  Best part, though:  Streaky the Supercat on Supergirl’s base.

Apr 012011

FDR once said that there’s nothing to fear, but fear itself.

Well, that son of a gun was wrong!

Fear Itself is not to be feared, it is to be loved and snuggled with.  Why?  Because it’s written by Matt Fraction.  And drawn by Stuart Immonen!  Yeah, the guy from Invincible Iron Man and the guy from Nextwave are getting together to make a baby of comic love!

Here’s the scoop:  all the Marvel superheroes are having to face their greatest fears.  As this is Marvel’s next big event, all the big names will be present and accounted for.  Some may even bite it.  Oh, and Dracula will be involved.  And who doesn’t love Dracula?

Would you like to see a magic trick?  How about a Charismagic trick?  For either you’re going to want to pick up Aspen Studios new title, Charismagic.  A Las Vegas magician is faced with the spectacle of his career as he is faced with a world where all the real magic he never thought existed has return with a vengeance.  Aspen is known for putting out pretty books (Fathom, Soulfire) and, by the look of the preview art, this one’s going to be more of the same.  If you’re into books like Zatanna, Magus, or Mysterious the Unfathomable, then you might want to pull this rabbit out of the hat.

Crime stories and high-caliber art crash together in Blue Estate, a new, beautiful book from Image.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this book justice, so here’s a link to its website where you can look at sample art, get a run down on the creators, the mission statement, the storyline, and the characters, all while sipping on whatever libation you prefer.  If you’re one of those lazy folks who can’t be bothered to hop to another page (I speak from personal experience), then let me attempt to give you the low down.  Blue Estate is a noir-infused, neon grit and grim crime book that juggles art styles panel by panel.  A quote that best describes it is, “This is the kind of comics Elmore Leonard would write if he wrote comics”.  And, whoo boy, look at that slick cover design.

This next book is sexy.  I mean, if it was legal, I might consider marrying this book.  Like, this thing should be plastered on covers of Maxim and Playboy.  What is this glorious piece of eye pornography?  Nonplayer.  Created by a former video game designer, Nate Simpson, who happens to be some sort of artistic god, Nonplayer revolves around a young girl who is immersed in the online world of a fantasy MMO, akin to World of Warcraft.  Ah, but that alone would be boring.  Where the hook comes in is that as she beings to shake things up in the gaming world, her own world starts to feel the reverberations.  Geoff Darrow has been quoted (this is seriously the post of quotes) as saying, “If you don’t buy this book, you’re stupid”.  Frankly, I would agree.  For a preview of the book, go here.

Finally, something shinny.  Green Lantern prop replicas gain a new buddy with this nifty Honor Guard ring set.  The ring is based off of the new ring design and comes with a fancy green carrying case.  Oh, and they’re made of metal, not plastic.  Sweeeeet.