Mar 132015

Shadowrun Crossfire Character Expansion Pack 1Like that extra cybernetic eye you had installed last week, the Shadowrun Crossfire Character Expansion Pack 1 extends the usability of the Shadowrun Crossfire Deck Building Game.  Included in this reasonably priced expansion pack are twenty entirely new runner cards, four basic cards, and one hundred (you read that right!) upgrade stickers.The Hobbit Love Letter

If you thought Love Letter had a lot of variations before, then you’ll be shocked to find out another one has hit the shelves.  Love Letter The Hobbit overlays the world of J.R.R. Tolkein’s Middle Earth onto the mechanics of this incredibly popular card game.  However, this version of Love Letter provides a twist on the previous versions as players struggle to locate the Arkenstone before Smaug catches on.

Dungeons Dragons Collector's Series Drow War PartyDungeon and Dragons miniatures have not been prevalent after the dissolution of fourth edition, but Wizards of the Coast and Gale Force Nine are changing that this weekend.  The D&D Collector’s Series of miniatures is an extremely limited edition set of unpainted miniature figures to be used in the roleplaying game.  In the initial line are an Eye Tyrant Beholder, Lolth Demon Queen of Spiders, a Illithid Raiding Party, and Drow War Party.Legendary Fear Itself expansion

Another mini expansion for the popular Marvel Deck Building Game, Legendary, is out this weekend.  Legendary Fear Itself incorporates characters from the comic event of the same name, each of which is empowered by an Asgardian hammer akin to Thor‘s Mjolnir.  Included in the expansion are one hundred playable cards, six allies, one commander (Uru-Harlequins CodexEnchanted Iron Man), one adversary group, and three new plots.

The violent tricksters of Warhammer 40K receive their own hardcover codex this weekend.  The awaited Harlequin Codex has arrived, including in its glossy pages a detailed history of the faction, a gallery of paint schemes and miniature options, a comprehensive army list, and an appendix full of rules for fielding the armies of the Harlequin faction.Dungeons Dragons Battle for Faerun Dice Masters

Wizards of the Coast and Asmodee have joined forces to produce the newest version of Dice Masters on the market.  Battle for Faerun is a Dungeon and Dragons themed version of Dice Masters where sets of dice represent characters and creatures from the popular roleplaying game.  Working like a deck building game but with dice, players assemble teams by purchasing assortments dice.  Out this weekend is a two player starter set and the standard Pretty Pretty Smash Up expansionbooster pack assortment.

Objectively the most amazing expansion pack for the Smash Up card game to date, Pretty Pretty Smash Up is out this weekend.  Basically, the grungy, spooky, monstrous factions have had their day in Smash Up and now it’s time for some cute and cuddly options.  Included within this box are four entirely new factions, including Kitty Cats (featuring some familiar furry faces from the Internet), Princesses, Fairies, and, for all the Bronies out there, Mythic Horses.  All your vampires, pirates, and Cthulhus don’t stand a chance!

Nov 282014

Wolf Moon #1Wolf Moon #1 (of 6)

-Two Missouri comic creators join forces for this new horror miniseries from DC!

-St. Louis’ Cullen Bunn, writer of Sixth Gun, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Sinestro, and Helheim, authors the miniseries!

-Kansas City’s own Jeremy Haun lends his moody pencils to the comic’s interior pages!

-Bunn and Haun blend together a werewolf and revenge stories for a uniquely violent and vengeful tale.

Secret Six #1Secret Six #1

-Gail Simone returns to the series that helped to make her name in the industry!

-Similar to the Suicide Squad, the Secret Six are a covert, underground team of lower rent supervillains who deal in the weird, mysterious corners of the DC Universe.

-Joining Simone is comic artist veteran Ken Lashley, who has previously lent his pencils to the New 52 Superman:  Doomed and Batman/Superman series.

-Catman returns to the DC Universe!

Cross One Hundred +100Crossed + 100 #1 (of 6)

-Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell) returns to Avatar for a new Crossed miniseries event!

-The legendary comic book writer enters into the twisted post-apocalyptic world created by Garth Ennis for the first time!

-Set one hundred years into the future of the Crossed outbreak, Crossed +100 follows a young girl who is researching the original disease (as it has long been wiped out) only discover a pack of Crossed still alive!

-No previous knowledge of the Crossed storyline is necessary to read this miniseries!

Angela Asgard’s Assassin #1Angela Asgard's Assassin

-Revealed as Thor‘s sister, Neil Gaiman’s Angela is on a mission to discover her origins!

-Raised in Heaven, the tenth realm, Angela has hated Asgard her entire life, but now it has become her home.  She travels across the tens realms at the behest of Odin, slaying he needs slayed.

-Kieron Gillen (Journey into Mystery, Wicked and Divine, Young Avengers) and Marguerite Bennett (Lois Lane, Earth 2 World’s End, Batman) team up for writing duties on the series!

-The art for the series is also a dual effort, featuring the combined talents of Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans!

Apr 222011

By Thor’s hammer!  Actually, in this case, buy Thor’s hammer.

Matt Fraction, who’s been driving the Thor bus for a number of months now, is moving to a new book called The Mighty Thor #1.  As the Thor film is releasing in a couple weeks, Marvel is creating this title as a simple way for people to jump into the Thor mythos without having to learn decades of history.  Heck, Fraction has even said the godly, ye old Thor-speak will be going away to be replaced by an easier to digest, lofty dialog.  Also, the genius artist from J. Michael Straczynski‘s famous run on the book, Oliver Coipel, is returning.  With Fraction writing the Asgardian-heavy mega-event Fear Itself as well as having gone around the block in the main Thor book a couple times, this should be an excellent read.

For all those that worship at the steampunk alter (I’m sure it would be made of strange gears and vacuum pumps), there is now a tome to gather around:  The Steampunk Bible.  Brought to you by Jeff VanderMeer, this hefty edition catalogs the history of the steampunk movement, following it all the way up to current day.  But, hey, it ain’t all words in this fella, there is some gorgeous pictures to go along with it.  If you dig the steampunk, you will want to strap on your jetpack and goggles to come pick this book up.

The Joker may be a psychotic nutjob, but there’s no doubt that the dude is stylish.  Nothing sh0ws that more than the new Lee Bermejo designed Joker Black and White Statue.  Following in the series of Batman B&W statues, this release is based off of the Brian Azzarelo/Lee Bermejo Joker graphic novel from a couple years back.  The story was creepy-as-hell, the art was mind-blowing, and, based on the Joker’s appearance and some story elements, it can be read as a sequel to The Dark Knight movie.  Even if you haven’t read the story (DO IT!) you can still enjoy the incredible design of this statue.

Made to compliment the previously released Eaglemoss statue binder, the new Blackest Night Binder is created to hold the magazines that come with any of the Blackest Night line of Eaglemoss statues.  If you’ve picked up a lot of these b-e-a-utiful mini statues, then you’ve probably got a stack of magazines piled up with nowhere to go.  For that reason, this binder can come in handy.  Even if you’ve got your magazines ordered on a bookshelf, this hardcover binder can keep them protected and safe from bending.

Started with Thor and now we’ll end with him, too.  This time around, it’s two new action figures for the Thor movie.  Obviously, they’re going to start with the heavy hitters, Loki and Thor.  Coming from Marvel Select, these two figures share in the consistent quality of the line.  Each come with their respected accessories, Mjollnir and a sharp pointy stick.  Here’s hoping the movie looks as good as these two figures.