Jun 082013

Superman Unchained #1

1. DC‘s been in need of an exciting, action-packed Superman series since, basically, the beginning of the New 52.  Superman Unchained is it.

2. Scott Snyder has revolutionized Batman, delivering dark, horrifying stories, and now turns his literary sights to the Man of Steel.

3. Speaking of, to coincide with the release of the Man of Steel film and the 75th anniversary of Superman, Superman Unchained #1 ships with EIGHT, count’em EIGHT, different covers by a range of veteran and modern DC artists, all of which have helped defined the character.

4. And if all of that isn’t enough reason to pick up a copy, Jim Lee has returned to art duties on Superman.  As Lee rarely ever does interiors these days, that only is a landmark reason to check the series out.

Six-Gun Gorilla #1

1. If you’ve ever wanted to read a book where The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and a zoo got blended together with a post-apocalyptic situation, Six-Gun Gorilla is that book.

2. Si Spurrier has recently built a reputation on writing psychedelic, sci-fi, humor comics, like X-Men Legacy and X-Club for Marvel, and now applies those talents to a creator-owned series.

3. The story takes place in a world that has been commandeered by humans from our Earth, in order to mine resources, but have met with resistance from the planet’s natives.

4. Uh.  Gorilla.  With guns.  C’mon.

True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #1

1. If you, like everyone else, has been waiting for Gerard Way’s follow-up to the mega-successful Umbrella Academy, it’s finally here!

2. Going in a complete 180 degrees from that previous series from Dark Horse, Killjoys is a sci-fi horror series set in an alternate future.

3. The Killjoys used to be a powerful force of rebellion against Better Living Industries, the world’s largest corporation, but long ago they lost, leaving only The Girl alive.  Now her and the remaining followers of the Killjoys live in the “wasteland” while the BLI rules the city.  But that’s about to change.

4. In a marriage of Indy glory, Way is teaming on this series with avante garde artist extraordinaire, Becky Cloonan (Batman, DEMO).

Batman #21

1. Scott Snyder bookends tonight’s post, with the start of his next, eleven issue arc on Batman.  And this time he’s going all the way back to the beginning.

2. Year Zero is a fresh retelling of Bruce Wayne’s earliest time as Gotham’s protector, updated and expanded for the New 52 universe.

3. Set to feature The Riddler, Ras al Ghul, and many other classic Batman villains, this will mark the first time Snyder has been able to unleash the rogues gallery since he started on the series.

4. Those who missed out on Death of the Family have been scrambling to collect the back issues with minimal success; don’t find yourself in the same position for Year Zero.

Jan 072011

You ever think that Deadpool needs a theme song?  Spider-Man gets one.  X-Men get one.  Heck, even Iron Man had one for awhile.  Why not Deadpool?

And wouldn’t it be the craziest, most hardcore theme song ever?

Well, if he had a theme song it would be shaking your computer screen at this moment because this Deadpool statue is the bomb-diggitty.  You like katanas?  No problem, Deadpool has arms for that.  You like machine guns?  No trouble, Deadpool has arms for that.  What I’m saying is that this statue comes with two pairs of arms, each holding a different kind of weapon.  If the merc with a mouth is your main man, then this piece of art should be a no-brainer.

Speaking of guns, allow me to move onto our next selection the first trade paperback volume of the wickedly popular Sixth Gun series.  If you’re into western movies or supernatural horror stories, this book has you covered.  If you like both, then it’s your birthday come early!  Focusing on the search for a mysterious, magical pistol (the sixth of its kind, hence the name) this book, by talented indie writer Cullen Bunn, reads like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly meets every spooky story you’ve ever heard of.  And you get the first six issues in one easy to obtain bundle.  What could be better?  Okay, maybe a mystical handgun.

Moving on, Tim Seeley delivers a follow-up to his Hack/Slash origin story from last year, My First Maniac, called Me Without You.  This mini-series will finally cover the origin of Cassie Hack’s right-hand monster, Vlad.  Depicting the period where Vlad was feared and hated as the Meat Man serial killer (don’t worry, he was falsely accused), this mini should fill in readers on all the juicy details that they’ve been waiting to hear about how Cassie and Vlad came to their mutual slashy-slashy love fest.  And after you’ve picked up issue #1 for this series, if you want to get caught up on what came before, we still have copies of the My First Maniac tpb and all three volumes of the Hack/Slash Omnibuses.

Hold onto your butts ’cause this next one might take some esplainin’.  Okay, Matt Fraction, genius writer extraordinaire,  started and finished the first volume of a brilliant book called Casanova.  He then went on to begin volume two of the series only to get caught up with work from Marvel.  Well, last year, thanks to Marvel’s deep pockets, Casanova’s first volume starting getting printed as single issues again so folks could catch up.  Starting this week, volume two is beginning its single issue reprinting process, which is important because the series will finish this time around.  Alternate dimensional hi-jinks ensue in this spy thriller about Casanova Quinn, his mischievous sister, and floating psychic heads.