Mar 112016

A&AA&A #1

-Valiant Comics continues to expand and reshape its superhero universe, relaunching the Archer and Armstrong series as A&A.

-If you have never read a Valiant or Archer and Armstrong book before, no worries, this is a perfect jumping-on point.

-Archer was raised to hate Satan in an isolated cult.  Armstrong is an immortal alcoholic.  They shouldn’t work, but they become fast friends after Archer tried to kill Armstrong.  Yeah, they made up.

-You know D&D‘s bags of holding?  Well, Armstrong has gotten lost in his own version of one, which means Archer has to go in after him.  They both will have to watch out for the all-powerful demon that is imprisoned there with them.

Legends of Tomorrow #1Legends of Tomorrow

-You’ve fallen in love with the show, now experience a similar dynamic in the comics.

-An anthology series, Legends of Tomorrow features four stories about four different characters in each issue.

-The line-up for all currently solicited issues features Firestorm, Sugar & Spice, Metamorpho, and the Metal Men.

-Not only is the character line-up some of DC‘s most underrated creations, but they are being written and illustrated by a slew of veteran creators, including Lein Wein, Aaron Lopresti, Keith Giffen, and Gerry Conway.

Ghostbusters DeviationsGhostbusters Deviations One Shot

-This month, IDW is launching a series of one shots that act as “what ifs” for the properties they own!

-Following up the X-Files Deviations from last week, Ghostbusters Deviations releases this week.

-Currently writing A-Force and previously having co-written Captain Marvel with Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson handles writing duties on this one shot story.

-What if the Ghostbusters never defeated Gozer on that rooftop?  Well, find out in Ghostbusters Deviations, you’ll find out as we follow the team through a hellscape New York that is ruled by the Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man.

International Iron Man #1International Iron Man

-A companion series to the current, Invincible Iron Man comic!

-Brian Michael Bendis, who writes Invincible Iron Man, will also be writing this series.

-Bendis reteams with Alex Maleev, the artist that joined him on their critically acclaimed Daredevil run.

-Tony and Doctor Doom travel around the globe, uncovering the secrets of the Marvel Universe!

Jan 182014

My Little Pony Friends Forever #1


-Hot on the hooves of IDW‘s other two massively successful My Little Pony comic book series, comes a third jewel in their Equestrian crown, Friends Forever!

-We’ve seen ponies get the solo spotlight in the Micro Series comic, but Friends Forever is about team-ups!  Each issue will feature two ponies working together (or not) to conquer the issue’s conflict.

-Issue #1 features the pairing of Applejack and Pinkie Pie!

All New Invaders #1

-The Invaders are back to show the Marvel Universe that classics never go out of style!

-Original Invaders members Namor, Captain America, Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), and the original Human Torch reunite for the first time in continuity!

-James Robinson, fresh off of DC‘s Earth 2, brings his golden age sensibilities to this story!

-How will the team fair against a rogue Kree force looking to bring back an army of Norse Gods?

George Romero’s Empire of the Dead #1 (of 5)

-Legendary master of the undead, George Romero, brings his zombie universe to Marvel comics.

-This issue begins an epic saga of zombie ravaged New York, as Act One of a three act maxi-series.

-Romero is joined by veteran artist extraordinaire, Alex Maleev (Daredevil, Moon Knight, Scarlet), whose sketchy, gritty style is perfect for horrific stories like this.

-Romero expands his universe by bringing vampires into the fray.

Deadly Class #1

-Issue #1 is already  OUT OF PRINT!

-Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force, Fear Agent, Black Science) weaves together assassin stories and high school movies in this darkly humored action series.

-Set during the hedonistic 1980s, Deadly Class has a group of teenagers navigating high school while learning how to be the best assassins in the world.

-Kinda like if John Hughes had a love baby with Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

Sep 292012

Here it is September 2009 and…what? It’s not 2009? Oh, it’s 2012! So, you mean Daredevil End of Days by Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack, and Alex Maleev is only three years late? Okay. If there’s a series that’s worth the wait, it’s this one, folks. Writing an epic conclusion to the Man Without Fear, Brian Bendis writes this miniseries with the same level of grit, darkness, and swift wit that was present in his legendary Daredevil run. Set years in the future, this will be the official tale of Matt Murdock’s last days. Don’t end up being three years late to the party yourself.

When people ask you if a comic is good, you inherently want to say, “Hell yeah!” Lucking with Joe Keating’s Hell Yeah trade paperback I can and desire to say that very statement. Blending an Indy slice-of-life book with a dimension-jumping superhero actioneer, this book is bloody and artsy all at the same time. Think Kick-Ass on ecstasy, folks.

The only way to read the Walking Dead is to jam it into your eyeballs in massive quantities. Luckily, Image Comics publishes Walking Dead in compendium volumes, which basically breaks down to a crap ton of zombies! To be more specific, the Walking Dead volume two compendium collects trade paperback volumes 9-16. And don’t worry if you haven’t started the series yet, we’ve still got compendium volume one!

Around Gotham City there are many urban legends. Many dark tales that haunt the nightmares of criminals. You get to share in that dredd this Wednesday as Legends of the Dark Knight hits shelves. This miniseries will reprint previously web exclusive material written by talented writers and exceptional artists not usually connected to the character. For instance, the first issue features a story by LOST creator Damon Lindeloff and Animal Man author Jeff Lemire about Bruce Wayne’s early, over-confident days of being Batman. This series is going to be an excellent collection for anyone who wants to read the Dark Knight, but doesn’t want to pick up all the back issues.

Apr 292011

Beth wants to rock and roll all night and party everyday in Detroit rock city.  Least that’s what Doctor Love told me.

If those sledgehammer subtle hints didn’t clue you in, the first product today is KISS related.  Pop Vinyl, who has released the super cute DC Comics vinyl figures in the past, is now releasing a set of KISS vinyl figures.  They’re all here, Ace, Gene, Paul, and Peter, in their classic face paint and crazy outfits.  But they’re sooooo cute!

Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell, Top Ten, Swamp Thing, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are all I have to say.  Basically, after seeing that line-up of work, you should buy anything Alan Moore writes without question.  Which brings me to the Neonomicon Bag Set.  His most recent comic series, Neonomicon is based off of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythology, but, as always, with that special Alan Moore twist.  If you’ve been one of the, like, fifty people we’ve had pick up The Courtyard TPB here at Pulp, then you’re going to be especially interested in this, as it is a direct sequel.  What is a Bag Set, though?  Well, one copy each of all four issues, so it’s like buying the trade way before it comes out.

So, you’ve been trying to get that comic artist career off the ground, but you need some tips on how to incorporate one of those new fangled computing boxes into the process.  Look no further than the DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics by local artist, Freddie E. Williams II.  You’ve seen Freddie’s work in JSA All-Stars, Robin, and The Flash and were likely blown into tiny bits by its awesomeness, so it should come as no surprise that he would have a little knowledge to drop.  Freddie doesn’t throw you into the deep end of the pool right off the bat, either.  No, he starts at powering up your computer and takes it from there in clear, concise, instructive directions.  We’ve carried this guide when it first came out, but, as it’s an incredible tool to any artist and we’re getting a restock on it, figured there’s no time like the present to give it a plug.

Moon Knight is ready for another new interpretation.  This time around, Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev (the creative team from Daredevil and Scarlet) are at bat for the new Moon Knight #1.  Their take:  Moon Knight has always struggled with multiple personality syndrome, but now he takes on the personalities of Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Captain America.  Yes, as the title solicitation reads, he’s all the Avenger you’ll ever need.  As these three characters are voices Bendis has an exceptional control over, this should be an exciting read, as far as the dialog is concerned.  And could there be a better gritty artist to take on Moon Knight than Alex Maleev?  The answer is undoubtedly no.