Aug 312012

Releasing tomorrow night at midnight (or Friday night, if you look at it that way) is Dark Vengeance, the new Warhammer 40K starter box set. This limited edition version comes with an exclusive Interrogator-Chaplain Serphicus figure (which will only ever be released in this set) as well as all the other essential materials to get started with Warhammer 40K. In place of the Space Marines and Orks of the last set are replaced with Chaos Space Marines and Dark Angels.

Only one Pathfinder book comes stocked full of thousands of weapons, itmes, armors, and gear. It’s Ultimate Equipment and it’s out this week. Like the previous Ultimate volumes for the Pathfinder system, this hardcover editon is chock full of every detail and variation on all the knick knacks and paddywhacks you could ever want in your game.

The best, most authentic Lord of the Rings RPG gains a new volume this week in Tales from Wilderland. Tales from Wilderland contains seven ready-to-play adventures, complete scenarios that can be played separately, or as an epic campaign spanning across a number of years. All adventures are set in the years after 2946, and take place in Wilderland.

Zombies!!! 11: Death Inc., a stand-alone edition to the popular series, plays two to six players and features another alterable map, this time set in a corporate office building. As players move through the building they lay down new tiles, slowly expanding the playing field. Zombies will spawn randomly as you explore, though, so make sure your shotgun is loaded and your chainsaw is primed.

Always a highlight of any New Game Stuff is when a new Dominion expansion comes out. This time it’s Dominion Dark Ages, the seventh addition to the base game this version of the game features Ruin cards (another “bad” option to clog your opponent’s deck), Shelter cards (replaing starting estates), and cards which you can only get via other cards. Oh, and it these cards feature artwork by local artist and Pulp Customer Eric J. Carter.

The brutal beasts of Pathfinder are unleashed with the new Bestiary Box! With over 300 creature tokens for in game use and individual bases for each one, this collection is the easiest way to flesh out your game as well as being way cheaper than collection miniatures for each of these creatures.

Oct 012011

Okay, I fouled up.  To be fair, not unheard of.  But this time I really did.  I did, because last week I forgot to mention two massive graphic novel releases.  The first being…

Habibi by Craig Thompson, writer of Blankets.  This book has Eisner Award all over it.  Playing out as a modern day fairy tale in a Middle Eastern-style land, the book deals more with the dark overtones of a Grimm-style fairy tale than a Disney-fied one.  Following a young girl named Dodola across an over 600-page odyssey.  Graphic novels like this are where true comic creation are born.  Sure there’s the cosmic insanity and otherworldly hijinks of your Marvel and DC superhero fair, but these works, works created of passion and intense scrutiny, are were true experimentation is born.  Craig Thompson’s artwork/storytelling in Habibi is astounding in its ability to shift between styles and panel arrangements.  If you are a fan of timeless works like Asterios Polyp, Blankets, and Bone, there’s no reason you won’t fall head over heels in love with this book.  And if you’re not, branch out and give it a try.

The second gross omission was Frank Miller’s long awaited, long agonized over Holy Terror graphic novel.  Originally intended as a Batman graphic novel that was basically Batman versus terrorism in Gotham, the story has become a larger echo of the Batman ideal, and superheroes in general, versus those threats that torture us in real life.  If that sounds too high-brow to be a Frank Miller book, think of it as Batman mixed with 300 mixed with Sin City mixed with nationalistic propaganda.  I believe that translates as, “violent violence violented with violent violence violent”.

Alright, now that my mea culpa is out of the way, we can move onto the stuff that’s actually coming out this week.  Namely, this gigantic Thanos Museum Statue.  I’m sure the museum part of the name has some industry significance or statue lingo connotation, but I’m going to assume it stands for the fact that this piece of artwork could be displayed in a museum.  Standing fourteen inches tall and sculpted by industry famous Bowen Designs, this is the closest you’ll ever get to seeing Thanos in person.

Fresh off his new 52 issues (I, Vampire and Supergirl) Joshua Hale Fialkov launches a new Image series called Last of the Greats.  Here’s the pitch:  a bunch of super powered beings landed on Earth years ago, wanting to change things for the better, but humanity didn’t want their help.  Present day brings about the death of the penultimate of these beings, leaving only one alive.  Thus, the Last of the Greats.  Fialkov has a fresh, inventive take on the cape and cowl genre, infusing it with spectacle rather than sorrow.  Don’t be the one to miss out on the next big Image series in line with Chew, Butcher Baker, and Severed.

In the same vein as the above, Strange Talent of Luther Strode has been receiving an ample amount of buzz leading up to its release.  Snuggily placing itself into the classic fantasy of every bullied, ostracized high school nerd out Strode follows one of these teens who sends off for a special serum that increases his speed, strength, stamina, all the basic Superman-esque stuff, while also giving him the ability sense his opponents’ weaknesses.  Obviously, he uses this to go on a rampage against all of those that break the law, mistreat him, or generally fall on his bad side.  Newcomers Joshua Jordan and Tradd Moore could be the next big thing, so if you want to find yourself regaling tales to your grandkids about the time you chose to pick up their first big book, nab a copy this Wednesday.

Apr 152011

In nomine Patris, et fillii, et Spiritus Sancti.

Sure the phrase has been around for centuries, but, lets be honest, we all know it because of one film.  Say it with me:  Boondock Saints.  And if you’re a Boondock Saints fan, then you should be aware that 12-Gauge Comics has been putting out a comic series that continues the story of the MacManus family.  The newest series to be released is called Mob War and, not shockingly, follows the Saints as they get thrown neck-deep in the mob battle to declare control in Boston.  Blood, violence, cursing, black coats, and religious verses mingle together in this two part mini-series and follow up to the two Boondock Saints films.

You feeling the urge to follow up your Walking Dead love with an equally horrifying, yet captivating zombie yarn?  Well, releasing next week is ’68, a zombie mini-series set during Vietnam.  Picking up where the first, highly praised, ’68 one-shot left off, this series picks up as the zombie outbreak spills into other countries.  Gritty, dark, violent artwork supports this book that flexes its emotional muscles over its cheap gore ones.  There’s a number of zombie books out there nowadays, but not many have the emotional impact of Walking Dead and ’68.

Where have all the good anthologies gone?  All I know is one of the best has returned, that being Dark Horse Presents.  Back in the day, this conglomeration book held within its pages Sin City, Concrete, Hellboy, and other famous stories and characters.  This first issue back will contain a preview of Frank Miller’s upcoming sequel to 300, Xerxes, a new Paul Chadwick Concrete story, a Star Wars tale, and artwork from Howard Chaykin, Richard Corben, and Neal Adams.  If you’ve been enjoying the restart of Creepy, Marvel’s Strange Tales, or anthology books, in general, you need to do yourself a favor and pick up Dark Horse Presents.

The parade of product to herald the coming of the Thor movie continues with the new Bowen Enchantress mini-bust.  Not only do is the Thor movie on the horizon, but the Asgardians are also playing a lead role in the current Marvel mega-event, Fear Itself.  On top of all that buzz, Bowen just flat out makes great statues.