Apr 072012

Take your wallet out of your pocket. Look at it. Compare it to the picture on the left. Now cry.

Don’t worry, I’m crying, too.

But there’s no reason to be crying after Wednesday, because that Batman Wallet ships along with many other Super Wallet options. For instance, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and more. Trust me, no will ever mug you with a wallet like this.

And when your money is carried in a wallet like the above it’s going to beg to be spent on a Batman comic. Luckily, a new miniseries called Batman: Arkham Unhinged launches this week. Tying into last year’s extremely successful Arkham City game, this miniseries will follow events leading up to the game’s storyline, focusing on Two-Face and Catwoman‘s rivalry.

Did you see who got voted off last night?

Probably not, because America’s newest popular reality show hasn’t launched yet.

But it does this Wednesday.

America’s Got Powers is a new creator-owned series from Jonathon Ross and Bryan Hitch (Ultimates, The Authority) that takes full advantage of America’s fascination with reality television and applies it to the superhero genre. Think The Hunger Games meets Running Man meets Survivor meets Teen Titans. Hundreds of teenage super powered kids will compete. One will win. All will cause property damage. Judging from the last couple of Image miniseries, this is a book you’ll want to pick up quick, because they will be gone soon after their release.

There has been a vast influx of horror comics over the last year, but none have been better than Scott Snyder’s Severed. A period book set during the Great Depression, Severed follows a young, musically-inclined boy who’s taken to the open road in search of his father. Along the way he runs into some very, very bad people. If you’ve been reading Swamp Thing or Batman by Scott Snyder, you understand how well Scott Snyder can write horror, as he posses a unique talent for pacing scares on the page. Back that up with extremely expressive artwork from Attilla Futaki and you’ve got the spookiest book of 2011.

Monster hunting can be a messy business. All sorts of fluids and grisley bits. Find out just how messy in the new Dark Horse miniseries, Alabaster Wolves. Based off of Catilin R. Kiernan’s best selling fantasy series, Alabaster Wolves stars a young girl named Dancy Flammarion who’s hunted creepy crawlies since she could walk. But she’s about to meet her match. Fans of Whiteout will be happy to see Steve Leiber’s gorgeous artwork return to comic pages, especially with a series that contains so much vivid imagery. Add to that the gorgeous painterly covers and you’ve got the whole package.

Finally, with so much horror and spookieness going about it’s only proper to end on a like-minded book for youngsters. Oni Press, after garner much acclaim for previous series, is launching an ongoing, color series for Courtney Crumrin. If you’re unfamiliar, Courtney’s adventures involve the dark, demonic, and nasty things of the world, making for a young readers book with a bit of bite to it. These new color issues look amazing and continue the series beloved by many. If you like the Series of Unfortunate Events novels, you’ll fall right into step with Courtney Crumrin.

Sep 162011

If it’s Comic List Highlights and it’s Pulp Fiction, then it’s time for your New 52 Update.  In the New 52 Update we, the comicly nerdy, employees of Pulp Fiction tell you, the hungry for information, customers which DC Relaunch books ship this week with a one word description of each.

*Batman – BIFF!  *Birds of Prey – Fempower  *Blue Beetle - escarabajo

*Captain Atom – Soulja  *Catwoman – Prrrr

*DC Universe Presents - Acrobatic  *Green Lantern CORPS – Plural

*Legion of Superheroes – Future  *Nightwing – speedo-less

*Red Hood & the Outlaws – Wanted  *Supergirl – Collar

*Wonder Woman – Spoooooooky

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Like, literally don’t, in this case, because the Venom displayed on the cover to the right is not exactly who appears in the story.  The statement could also apply to the protagonist of this new Rick Remender penned Venom Volume 1 Hardcover, though, as Flash Thompson is not your mild-mannered, wheelchair-bound, ex-soldier.  No, sir, he is, in fact, the government’s newest secret weapon:  Venom.  Having agreed to don the symbiote in limited forty-eight hour periods, Flash is sent on covert missions to take down the worst of the worst.  Illustrated by former KC-ian Tony Moore (and original Walking Dead artist), this book is a violent, gruesome, action-packed force to be reckoned with.  Do you dare?

So how about that new crack drug they’ve got these days?  Or that new Hubble Telescope?  Crazy stuff, right?  Ooo, ooo, and Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man?  Terrific!  Wait a tick, it’s not 1988, it’s 2011!  Then what the hey is The New Teen Titans:  Games HC doing coming out next Wednesday?  Yeah, just a bit late, George Perez and Marv Wolfman are finally (FIIIINALLLY) done with their epic Teen Titans story.  It’s been in the works for over twenty years, folks, and judging from the earlier Titans works of Perez and Wolfman that time can only mean this baby is perfection.

I know what you’re saying out there, “What is with all these collars on my Super Family characters?  Where are the good old days when costumes ended at the neck?”.  Well, I understand you’re pain (actually, no, but let’s say I do for this situation).  Luckily for all you cranky folk out on the Interwebs Pulp Fiction has a solution for your craz…um, reasonable complaints.  That would be the new Women of the DCU Supergirl Bust.  Stealing a move from her older cousin, Kara is busting out of those nasty chains that seem to continually end up wrapped around Super Family members.  Classic pose.  Classic costume.  Classic statue.

Aug 292011

The Pitch is holding it’s annual Best Of voting spree over the next couple of weeks to decide everything amazing, trendy, and “must-see” in Kansas City.  Sadly there’s no Comic Book or Game Store category.  But that’s where you guys come in!

You can go to The Pitch‘s website here and vote in the Best Category We Forgot option for Comic Book Store or Game Store.  Either way, we’d really appreciate it if you also added Pulp Fiction Comics & Games at the end of that.  Just remember, you have to vote in a minimum of 20 categories to make your vote count.  But, on the plus side, you can vote once every day until the end of voting, so if you find yourself with a free moment at work or something, jump on over and cast a ballot!

Suggestions for other categories:

Best Mexican Restaurant:  Maggie’s Authentic Mexican Foods

Best Ice Cream:  Poppy’s Ice Cream & Coffee House

Best Local Writer:  Dennis Hopeless

Apr 162011

Fair warning, this week’s post is going to be a bit of a tease.

The PREVIEW (preview is in caps, because these minis are NOT FOR SALE YET) figures of the new Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings release have arrived.  If you’re not familiar with the older Tomb Kings or this re-release of them, they are Egyptian mummies, skeletons, and beasties.  The preview figures include Tomb Guard, the Khemrian Warsphinx/Necrosphinx, Necropolis Knights/Sepulchral Stalkers, and the new Tomb Kings Codex HC.

As I said at the beginning, these figures will not be available for sale until May 8th.  Until then, though, you can come get a look at them, as they are on display above the new game shelf.

Since we’re talking about Warhammer miniatures, I think it’s a good time to plug (in case you haven’t seen the posts on our Facebook) the mini painting night that we’ve been holding every Monday at 6:00.  Bring your paints, bring your minis, bring, uh, yourself and come hang at Pulp with other mini-minded folks.

Going along with the Legend of the Five Rings CCG box that we received last week, now we have the L5R RPG hardcover, Emerald Empire.  This is the fourth, and newest version, of the Emerald Empire book, which details life, social classes, geography, laws, martial arts schools, and clans of the Rokugan empire.  If you’ve never played or interacted with any of the L5R world, but love Japanese history, culture, and samurai, then this would be an ideal world for you to invest in.

A restock note:  Pulp also received a new shipment of 2011 Deck Builder’s Toolkits.  If you’re a Magic player, new or old, and haven’t picked one up, they are a quick, cheap, and easy way to nab 285 cards from the M11, Worldwake, Zendikar, and Rise of Eldrazi sets.  Each box contains 125 semi-random cards (which means there are about four or five pre-arranged sets and you  have the chance of getting one of them), four booster packs, 100 lands, and all the materials needed to learn basic Magic.  As the Worldwake, Zendikar, and Rise sets are no longer being printed, this kit is a great way to get some hard to find cards before they become hard and expensive to find.

Sep 032010

Marty!  We have to go back to the game store!

Oh, yeah, that’s right.  A Back to the Future card game by Looney Labs.

Better than a Sports Almanac from 1950

If you’ve ever played Chrononauts from Looney you know this is a perfect fit.  Basically, you start with a general timeline of events laid out on the table.  Throughout the game, each player attempts to complete a mission by altering events on the timeline.  Yes, you go back in time and futz with things.  Sooo fun.

The second game this week we’d like to bring your attention to too is a new deck building card game similar to Dominion, called Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer.

The Andys saw this one demoed at GenCon and loved it.  The buzz was that it was gonna be loved by anyone who digs Dominion, but that it also had a better rules system.  Got me interested.

And the third game on the hit parade should be exciting to any fan of Dungeons & Dragons out there, the new D&D Castle Ravenloft Boardgame.

'Nuff Said

Also, it’s worth mentioning for any Magic players out there, we got a restock on M11, Worldwake (both boosters and fat packs), and also got in the new From the Vaults: Artifacts.

Can I shove any more pictures into this thing?!!!