Aug 242017
Marvel: Generations

Marvel Generations Looking for an entry point into Marvel’s most popular heroes? Well, here it is! This series of one-shot comics follow team-ups of the new and the old. Captain Marvel and Miss Marvel, Bruce Banner Hulk and Amadeus Cho, Logan and Laura, the list goes on and on! Come on in and see what [...]

Jul 062017
M:tG Hour of Devastation PRERELEASE WEEKEND!

Magic: the Gathering Players, it’s that time again… PRERELEASE! Get ready to experience the thrill of opening Hour of Devastation cards for the very first time and before the set officially releases next week! Everything you’ll need to play will be provided as part of your entry fee — so just show up and play! [...]

Jul 052017

QUICK REMINDER (Week of July 4th): 1. Pulp Fiction will NOT be open today (July 4th), so everyone grab some fireworks and celebrate the 4th! 2. Also, due to the 4th landing on a Tuesday, new comics will be coming out on Thursday, July 6th this week. We apologize for the holiday disruption to everyone’s [...]