Oct 112014
New Game Stuff (10/11/2014)

IDW, one of the more popular independent comic book publishers, is getting into the gaming business.  The company released the first two games from it’s new board game line this weekend. First up is the Kill Shakespeare board game.  Based off of the acclaimed comic book series, Kill Shakespeare is created by the designers behind [...]

Oct 112014
October 40K Tournament 1750pt

The October 18th 40K tournament will be a 1750 point army size.  Battle-Forged armies only, with a max of one Combined Arms Detachment.  All other detachments (Allied, Inquisition, Formations) are unlimited.  Sign-up/set-up begins at 10 AM, with the first round starting at 11 AM.  Registration fee is $10, and you can register ahead of time [...]

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Oct 102014
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (10/15/2014)

Death of Wolverine Logan Legacy #1 (of 7) -Out the same week as the final issue of the Death of Wolverine miniseries, Logan Legacy #1 deals with the fallout from Logan’s passing. -A seven issue miniseries, the Logan Legacy will be comprised of one shot stories featuring characters who had a personal connection with Wolverine. [...]

Oct 042014
New Game Stuff (10/4/2014)

Welcome, welcome, to ye ole Red Dragon Inn!  Come in, ye two new travelers, and have a seat. The Red Dragon Inn:  Allies expansions enlist two brand new characters this weekend, one the honored Brother Bastion, the other the mystical Ozrik the Adept.  Brother Bastion comes with special prayer cards that can be expended at [...]