Apr 052014
New Game Stuff (4/5/2014)

Cthulhu cultists have demanded their own version of Monopoly for years and now they have it! The Doom that Came to Atlantic City is a variant on the classic Parker Brothers game, but with the twist that players take control of a Great Old One invading the world, attempting to take it over.  The catch [...]

Apr 052014
Jason Aaron, Cullen Bunn, and Dennis Hopeless Signing!

A Marvel writer trifecta has been generous enough to coordinate their schedules for a signing at Pulp on May 14th! Each author has recently released an All New Marvel NOW series, so be sure to bring your issues to get signed. Also be sure to bring in any back issues or TPBs these guys have [...]

Apr 052014
April 40K Tournament (1250 pts)

The April Warhammer 40K Tournament will be on Saturday, April 12th. 1250 point army size. Non-Escalation (no Lords of War), but Imperial Knights are legal. 3 rounds. Registration/set-up starts at 10:00 AM, first round starts at 11. $10 entry fee per player. We have space available for 12 players, so pre-register at Pulp Fiction to [...]

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Apr 042014
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (4/9/2014)

Nightcrawler #1 -Everyone’s favorite elf is back from the dead and ready to return to his swashbuckling ways! -And who better to bring Nightcrawler back into the fold than the X-Men writer most known for writing the character, Chris Claremont. -This ongoing series spins out of Jason Aaron’s popular Amazing X-Men storyline. -Nightcrawler and Wolverine [...]