Sep 182015
New Game Stuff (9/18/2015)

Spinning out of the popular cooperative card game, Onirim, Sylvion is another one to two player card game that requires players to work together.  A tower defense game, Sylvion requires players to construct a deck of cards that can successfully fight off slowly approaching rows of villain cards.  The edition of the game Pulp currently [...]

Sep 112015
New Game Stuff (9/11/2014)

Indiana Jones would tell you these artifacts belong in a museum, and as the owner of your own archaeological company in Artifacts, Inc., that’s exactly what you’ll attempt to do.  An up to sixty minute playtime dice rolling game for two to four players, Artifacts, Inc. has players rolling dice (which represent adventurers) in order [...]

Sep 112015
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (9/16/2015)

Agent Carter Shield 50th Anniversary #1 -If you loved the Agent Carter television miniseries, check out this one shot! -Another issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of Shield‘s appearance in the Marvel Universe. -The team behind Operation S.I.N. (the previous Agent Carter miniseries), Kathryn Immonen (Patsy Walker Hellcat,  Journey into Mystery) and Rich Ellis, return! -Return [...]