Nov 082014
New Game Stuff (11/8/2014)

It’s survival of the fittest in North Star Games‘ Evolution. During the set-up phase, players draw random cards that will decide what sort of creature they will play.  Each turn sequence involves phases where food resources are laid out then devoured.  Those players who did not receive any food go extinct.  Players can choose to [...]

Nov 072014
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (11/12/2014)

Superior Iron Man #1 -Tony Stark is going to San Francisco! -The start of an entirely new Iron Man ongoing series, Superior Iron Man spins out of the events taking place in Avengers/X-Men Axis! -With a new (augmented) outlook on life, Tony has moved to the West coast and installed a problem solving app on [...]

Nov 012014
New Game Stuff (11/1/2014)

After WizKids left everyone desperately searching for the first Marvel Dice Masters Starter Set, they’ve made up for it (slightly) with the second Starter release.  Uncanny X-Men is the second complete Starter Set for the game, including materials for two players.  Those basic materials include forty-four dice (12 actions, 16 characters, and 16 sidekicks) as [...]