Nov 062015
New Game Stuff (11/6/2015)

Order up!  Diner is a fast-paced game about waiters in a competition to make the most money in tips.  Players compete to create orders (cards that link together) that, ultimately, cost the most money.  Diner won the Dice Hate Me Games 54-card Challenge, which is a competition where game designers must create a game using [...]

Nov 062015
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (11/11/15)

The Goddamned #1 -Personally vouched for by Dennis Hopeless as the best script he’s ever read from Jason Aaron. -Local creator Jason Aaron (Thor, Dr. Strange, Star Wars, Southern Bastards) reteams with R.M. Guera, his artist from Scalped! -Set nearly 2000 years after the Garden of Eden, The Goddamned takes place on a wild, chaotic, [...]

Oct 302015
New Game Stuff (10/30/2015)

There are plenty Apples to Apples clones on the shelves, but few that are as gorgeously illustrated as Dixit.  Each card in the game features a meticulously drawn, dreamlike illustration.  Dixit Memories is the newest expansion for the popular party game, featuring eighty-four additional cards to be mixed in with your Dixit base game. Hotly [...]