Feb 202015
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (2/25/2015)

D4ve #1 (of 5) -Humanity is dead, the robots won! -Ryan Ferrier, writer of the absurd adventure series Shutter, launches this new miniseries through IDW. -After wiping out all of human life, robots have acclimated to a fairly boring existence working day jobs, paying taxes, and getting stuck in traffic. -Now, the robot society’s greatest war hero, [...]

Feb 132015
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (2/18/2015)

Ei8ht #1 (of 5) -Rafael Albuquerque, the artist on American Vampire and Animal Man, launches a miniseries for Dark Horse! -Sleekly designed and featuring Albuquerque’s iconic style, Ei8ht is a good looking book! -Fans of Interstellar will appreciate the narrative of this miniseries, as it follows a chrononaut stranded in an alternate dimension. -Catch is, [...]

Feb 072015
New Game Stuff (2/7/2015)

Another party of adventurers joins the Dungeon Roll! The Dungeon Roll Legends Hero Booster Pack #2 provides eight entirely new heroes to be mixed into the popular dungeon crawl dice game.  These heroes, however, are far beefier than any of the previous heroes, so make sure to play them against each other or in a [...]