Apr 102015
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (4/15/2015)

Runlovekill #1 -Like a far future version of Run Lola Run! -An anime influenced series, Runlovekill features a frenetic, action driven comic from Image! -Rain Oshiro has had a ticking clock placed on her as she’s chased by an evil government agency, given only twenty-four hours to escape the city. -Experience a new voice in [...]

Apr 032015
New Game Stuff (4/3/2015)

Tell me if this sounds familiar.  A group of adventurers journey into a shadowy cave in an effort to steal a mountain of gold, but they must do all of this without awakening the ire of the dragon that guards it.  Created by Bruno Faidutti, known for Citadels, Dragon’s Gold is both a cooperative and [...]

Apr 032015
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (4/8/2015)

Savior #1 -Todd McFarlane, co-founder of Image Comics and creator of Spawn, returns to launch an entirely new series! -McFarlane’s partner in launching this ongoing series is painterly artist extraordinaire, Clayton Crain (Carnage USA, X-Force, Rai)! -Savior asks the question, “How would the real world react to a superpowered person showing up?”  No costume.  No [...]