Aug 212015
New Game Stuff (8/21/2015)

Another challenging twist on the Tichu card game, Chimera delivers a new experience with a similar feel.  In this three player game, you must place your bet and manage your hand wisely in order to trump your opponents.  Play sequential pairs, triplets, and straights, but beware of the Chimera that could ruin your plans. An [...]

Aug 212015
Comic List Highlights 4x4 (8/26/2015)

Nextwave Agents of HATE Complete Collection tpb -Not something we regularly do, but with this collection we’re highlighting a reprint. -But why do that, you might ask?  Well, simply put:  Nextwave is considered by the Pulp staff to be one of Marvel‘s best comic series ever! -Written by one of comic’s greats, Warren Ellis (Trees, [...]

Aug 152015
August 40K Tournament

The August Warhammer 40K Tournament will be on Saturday, August 22nd. 1850 Point army size. Battle-Forged armies only, 3 unique detachments maximum. Sign-up/set-up begins at 9 AM (yes – 9AM! Set your alarms!), with the first round starting at 10 AM. Registration fee is $10, and you can register ahead of time at Pulp Fiction. [...]

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Aug 142015
New Game Stuff (8/14/2015)

Catan Traveler is a compact edition of the original game that can be transported anywhere!  The space-saving box unfolds to reveal the variable board.  Roads, settlements, and cities are safe in their locking drawers.  Cards are held securely in holder trays.  And, thanks to the practical hex-shaped shaker, the dice can’t get dropped and lost. [...]