Nov 152014
New Game Stuff (11/15/2014)

Asmodee released another 7 Wonders expansion this weekend and this one requires some heavy labor.  7 Wonders:  Babel contains two separate gaming expansions that can be added singularly are together.  First, is the tower component, which adds an extra beginning drafting phase.  During this phase, players draft tower tiles, each of which features a special [...]

Nov 142014
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (11/19/2014)

Wonder Woman #36 -With Brian Azzarello finally concluding his long run on Wonder Woman, a new creative team takes over! -Following Azzarello are Meredith and David Finch (Forever Evil, Justice League of America, Avengers)! -With the previous run of Wonder Woman closing the character off from the rest of the DC Universe, the Finch’s run [...]

Nov 082014
New Game Stuff (11/8/2014)

It’s survival of the fittest in North Star Games‘ Evolution. During the set-up phase, players draw random cards that will decide what sort of creature they will play.  Each turn sequence involves phases where food resources are laid out then devoured.  Those players who did not receive any food go extinct.  Players can choose to [...]

Nov 072014
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (11/12/2014)

Superior Iron Man #1 -Tony Stark is going to San Francisco! -The start of an entirely new Iron Man ongoing series, Superior Iron Man spins out of the events taking place in Avengers/X-Men Axis! -With a new (augmented) outlook on life, Tony has moved to the West coast and installed a problem solving app on [...]