Jul 062018

Magic: the Gathering Players, it’s Magic 2019 PRERELEASE WEEKEND!

Schedule of Events:
Friday, 7/6 @ 11:59 PM: Sealed Constructed!
Saturday, 7/8 @ Noon: Two-Headed Giant!
Saturday, 7/8 @ 7PM: Sealed-Constructed!
Sunday, 7/9 @ Noon: Two-Headed Giant!

Get ready to experience the thrill of opening M19 cards for the very first time and before the set officially releases! Everything you’ll need to play will be provided as part of your entry fee — so just show up and play!

In Core Set 2019, there are ten established draft archetypes crafted by the designers. Although Core sets are designed with new players in mind, there is still plenty of fun and plenty of powerful reprints for established and advanced players. The ten two-color archetypes are as follows:

-W/U Artifacts
-U/B Control
-B/R Sacrifice
-R/G Dragon Ramp
-G/W Auras
-W/B Lifegain
-U/R Spells
-B/G Value
-R/W Go Wide
-G/U Tempo

Prerelease events are Sealed Deck events, where you build a minimum 40-card deck using the contents of your prerelease pack and use that deck to battle other players. Prizes will be based on standing at the end of the event!

The Two-Headed giant events are just like the individual sealed events, except grab a friend and battle together as a team!

Each M19 Prerelease pack contains:
-6 M19 Booster Packs
-1 Random, date-stamped, premium foil card, selected from any rare or mythic in the set!
-1 Spindown d20 life counter
Entry Fee Per Person- $25

Hope to see you planeswalkers all this weekend!!!!


Apr 222018

We will be opening up at 11:30 AM today to prepare for the LAST PRERELEASE EVENT OF DOMINARIA! We have eight team spots left for this Two-Headed Giant event, so meander up in a little while!

Nov 232017

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday is upon us…

You’ve chowed down on a Thanksgiving feast, now it’s time to turn your attention to all of that dreaded holiday shopping. Of course, there’s nothing that says you can’t pick up a gift or two for yourself. Either way, Pulp Fiction has your back with our traditional Black Friday Sale!

2017 Specials:

1. Almost all regular, new items in the store are offered at

2. There is a selection of half-price clearance items, and some
clearance-discounted Magic the Gathering boxes, until they’re gone.*

(Doors open at noon on Friday, 10 AM on Saturday!)

***Disclaimers and clarifications include, but are not limited to: All
sales are final. Discounts and specials don’t combine. The half-off discount applies to the lower-priced item. Discounts and specials don’t apply to current MtG singles, current comic issues, comic back-issues on the wall, snacks & drinks, consignment items, and certain limited edition items, or almost all items priced less than a dollar. Clearance items are sold as-is.

Nov 102017

It’s finally here, TWO-WEEKS EARLY! The long-awaited new expansion to the most popular RPG in the world — Xanathar’s Guide to Everything! This newest supplement book gives players over 25 new subclasses, new character motivations, and new SPELLS!

ADDED NOTE — While supplies last, we will have a few copies of the GORGEOUS and LIMITED, SPECIAL HOBBY EDITION as well! Grab a copy, TWO-WEEKS EARLY, while supplies last!



Oct 282017

Halloween Comic Fest 2017!!

Instead of rotting your children’s teeth (or your own) with candy on Halloween, how about giving them FREE comics?

Yes, just like Free Comic Book Day in May, the Halloween Comicfest is another occasion for readers to sample various comic series at the low, low price of FREE (have I mentioned FREE enough?).

Feel free to dress up or bring a canned good donation as well!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!201458_1149301_1006