Nov 252015


You’ve chowed down on a Thanksgiving feast, now it’s time to turn your attention to all of that dreaded holiday shopping.  Of course, there’s nothing that says you can’t pick up a gift or two for yourself.  Either way, Pulp Fiction has your back with our traditional Black Friday Sale!

We will open at 10am on Friday the 27th, so bring your coffee (hey, for us that’s pretty early)!  Below we’ve listed out the three major sales occurring throughout the day.

1. To kick off the holiday season, Pulp Fiction is once again offering the traditional Black Friday Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off discount on most items in the store!*

2. We will have some limited availability items like the AEG Black Friday Black Box (a new one for 2015). When they’re gone, they’re gone.

3. There will be a selection of half-price clearance items.*

* Disclaimers and clarifications: Discounts and specials don’t combine.  The half-off discount applies to the lower priced item.  Discounts and specials don’t apply to current comic issues, snack & drinks, consignment items, and certain limited edition items, or almost all items priced less than a dollar. Clearance items are sold as-is, and are not returnable. Other returns will be for store credit at half value.

Nov 272013

While you may have gorged yourself on the requisite Thanksgiving feast, we hope you saved room for a special Black Friday follow-up meal, starting at 10am on Friday:

1. Forget canned, the several “doorbuster” items (specially marked down at half or lower price) are all natural.

2. Make sure to slather your half off on t-shirts and plush toys with gravy (pouring gravy on your new Black Friday purchases is not actually endorsed by Pulp Fiction).

3. Like those crispy onion strings on top of the green bean casserole, comic back issues in the back-issue bins will be buy-one-get-one-free.*

4. Don’t worry about deciding who gets to carve the Black Friday main course, everyone will get a piece of the buy-one-full-price-get-one-half-price offer for most of the rest of the store.**

Fine Print:
Discounts and specials don’t combine. Discounts and specials don’t apply to current comic issues, snack & drinks, or items priced less than a dollar.

*Free item applies to the lower priced item.
**Half-price applies to the lower priced item.

Sep 172011

Like Doctor Jones says, “Fortune and glory, kid.  Fortune and glory”.

I understand that some of my segues can be quite the stretch, but the Indiana Jones reference here is rather apt.  That is because Fortune and Glory is a pulpy game set in the 1930′s revolving around treasure hunters, gangsters, lounge singers, and femme fatales globe trotting in search of…wait for it…fortune and/or glory.  Just like in Last Night on Earth (from the same company), players choose specific characters, all with their own unique abilities, with which to travel around the massive world map the game comes with battling baddies and collecting treasures.  Listen to Indy and take a peak at Fortune and Glory.

Grab some gear, become a legend.  You can accomplish both of these tasks for the world of Shadowrun by picking up this week’s new hardcover releases of Runner’s Black Book and Street Legends.  Both editions help to flesh out the deep, dark, dank world of Shadowrun in separate but equally grimy ways.  First up, the Runner’s Black Book is all about hardware. Hardware like the new Kriss X Submachine Gun and the TPP light pistol.  Plus it reprints and collects vehicle and weaponry information from previous releases like Deadly Waves, Gun Heaven, MilSpec Tech, This Old Drone, and Unfriendly Skies.  Second would be the mythical tome that is Street Legends.  Detailing the stats, back stories, and adventures of various famous runners, vampire hunters, and shadowy figures of the universe, Street Legends is the perfect way for a game master to expand their story.

Turn the gears, pump the valves, and steady the blimp ’cause Airship Pirates is off the starboard bow.  Steampunk lovers out there take notice because Airship Pirates is the new roleplaying game from Cubicle 7 (makers of such dandy RPGs as Doctor Who and The One Ring) set in a futuristic Victorian world where blimpships hover over the putrid clockwork cities below.  Based off of steampunk band Abney Park’s lyrics, this initial book in the Airship universe gives players and GMs, alike, all the information they need to be able to create a campaign, characters, and obstacles for a successful night of highskies adventure.

Continuing on the RPG bandwagon (What would that look like, by the way?  Lots of Mountain Dew I’m assuming.), the original master of the medium, Dungeons & Dragons, releases both a new supplement and a new adventure this week.  Both begin with M, coincidentally.  Anyway, Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium (please don’t make me type that again) is up first with numerous items of various magical, mystical, and monetary value.  Intelligent dungeon masters can use this book and the item-based story suggestions within to create a riveting quest for their players.  Next is Madness at Darmore Abbey, which is an adventure intended for 6th to 8th level characters.  Set in a former monastery that has now become a monstery, this adventure will challenge players as they face off against some of the worst creatures lurking in the dark. This box set includes every bit and piece players will need to run the adventure.

What’s that?  You didn’t get enough pulpy goodness with the first game?  Well, okay, we’re at your service.  In that effort, here’s the new expansion/standalone edition of The Adventurers, The Pyramid of Horus.  Also filled with all kinds of Indiana Jones homages, this threequel to the original Adventurers game from Fantasy Flight is set in a new local peppered with equally deadly traps and treasures.  Each person involved selects one of eight character options then begins searching through the pyramid amidst sharp, squirming, and striking dangers for artifacts.  Whoever makes it out with their head still attached to their shoulders wins.  Oh, and if the regular non-painted miniatures included with the game are not vivid enough for you, a separate set of pre-painted minis was released along with the game.  Buy a hat, a whip, and Sean Connery and you are good to go.

Okay, enough with this pulp stuff.  Let’s get into some dark, spookiness.  GURPS delivers on that front with a new flavor of setting in Horror.  If you’re looking to run a campaign outside of the normal fantasy setting, these hardcover editions are the perfect solution.  Horror, specifically, supplies tips and suggestions for both game masters and players on not just how to run a horror-themed game, but also the genre, in general.  Countless character archtypes sit alongside stats for hordes of nasty creatures (including everyone’s favorite, evil clowns).  Two campaign outlines are also included in the book to give another helping hand on getting going.

That H.P. Lovecraft guy certainly gets around, doesn’t he?  Another in the long line of Arkham Horror products, Elder Sign is a new spin on the classic explore-the-creature-infested-mansion structure.  Instead of using miniatures and a map, gamers play with a combination of dice and cards to gain courage and skill points that allow them to purchase objects, eventually shooting for the titled elder sign so that they can close off the Great One’s entrance into this world.  Special dice are also rolled to determine the obstacles and adventures that will unfold during the course of the game.  As the game serves one to eight participants, those who love Arkham Horror, but grow tired of the set-up phase, might find this a quicker, less part-heavy version of the game.

To wrap things up tonight, Bears!.  That’s all, thanks.

Okay, maybe a little more.  Bears! is a new entry in the growing trend of easy to learn, easier to play dice games, such as Zombie Dice, Martian Dice, and Cthulhu Dice.  Not surprisingly, maybe, these are not Yogi-and-Boo-Boo-type bears.  These are gnaw-on-your-fleshy-bits bears.  A dice pairing game at heart, players select which point nabbing strategy to explore:  shoot the bears or sleep through the attack.  Using a hand of five dice, everyone pairs their own rolled dice with a ones piled in the center of the table.  Certain combinations are worth different point values, but don’t worry, those are all outlined on a handy dandy reference chart.  That’s the game.  Heeeey, Boo Boo!

Apr 022011

Auffüllen auf Deutsch.

Yeah, that’s right.  We’re doing it German style up in here.  Translate it if you like.

Tannhäuser, Sauger!  Specifically, a restock on two of Tannhäuser’s troop packs, Union and Reich.  What do they nab you if you nab them?  Both come with extra figures (an Alpha and Delta in Union and a Schocktruppen and Stosstruppen in Reich), characters sheets, game tokens (24 of ‘em, to be exact), a rulebook that shows you how to use theseguys, and an brand spankin’ new scenario.  Holen Sie sich Ihre Krieg!

Since we’re talking expansion packs, how about we hit up some new Summoner Wars Faction Decks.  Jungle Elves and Cloaks, if you’re into that whole name thing.  Both come with 35 new cards.  Abua Shi leads jungle elf cards, like, Shikwa, Lioness, and Makeinda Ru, while Vlox summons cards like Dagger, Scam, and Gunners.  Kaufen Sie diese Fraktion Decks und kick butt!

Why stop at two, lets go for the trifecta of expansion packs!  Warhammer Invasion, the Card Game adds Chaos Moon to the Morrslieb Cycle of Battle Packs.  This here deck comes jam packed with 60 cards, specially tailored to support your Invasion deck.  20 of those cards are completely, 100% new to the game, by the way.  Sie sollten total Chaos überall diese Mond.

Do you ever find yourself involved in an epic army to army battle across the bridges of two floating sky cities and having no clue how to solve this problem?  Well, if this is occurring in a GURPS-built world, the new Mass Combat booklet can help you solve this problem.  Made specifically to handle the rules and logistics of gigantic battles, Mass Combat contains all the examples, tables, stats (for weaponry, strength, and mobility), and other valuable information to help players and game masters complete and create the epic blood-spilling conflict they desire.  Kann mir jemand bekommen diese Axt aus meinem Rücken?

Yaaaaaaarrrrrrr, maties!  That’s not German, by the way.  That’s pirate.

Blackbeard, The Golden Age of Piracy is a reworking of the old boardgame, Blackbeard.  This version has been altered to a sizable extent, but in a good way.  Gameplay is faster and more involved for every player.  And what is gameplay?  Well, after players choose which famous pirate they want to control, they cruise around the board looting and pillaging to raise their wealth and notoriety, all while avoiding the law and traps that other players leave for them.  Basically, like Merchants and Marauders, this game is made to let players live the life of a pirate.

And now for more book-type things!

Dark Heresy:  The Black Sepulchre is the newest addition to the Warhammer 40K RPG line.  The beginning of a trilogy of adventures in the Dark Heresy world, it revolves around a the discovery of an mysterious artifact, which leads to and investigation by the Inquisition.  Whoo, you know that won’t end well.  Suitable for all player levels and ranks, The Black Sepulchre questions of you:  Can you solve the mysteries of the Haematite Cathedral?  Nun, man kann?

Why Munchkin has taken this long to release a game based around zombies is conundrum to me.  But it doesn’t matter anymore, because Munchkin Zombies is here.  Turning the usual Munchkin fare on its head, this edition has players controlling the undead.  You’re still battling “monsters” here, but, obviously, from a zombie’s perspective that means humans.  Weapons can still be collected to add in your quest, but, as zombies aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, they may not be used in the most logical manner.  For instance, don’t be shocked if you find yourself swinging a mousetrap covered foot at a some unsuspecting human.  Mmm, Gehirne.

A new world horrors comes alive in the most recent addition to the Trial of Cthulhu mythos of RPGs, Bookhounds of London.  In this volume, a fresh, and by fresh I mean dark, dangerous, and gruesome, campaign setting is laid bare for players.  Detail abounds in Bookhounds with maps, appendices, and timelines all feeding into the dark mysteries of East London and the Whitechapel Black-Letter adventure.  Cthulhu fatagn r’lyeh!  Again, not German.