Jul 062017

Hour of Devastation
Magic: the Gathering Players, it’s that time again… PRERELEASE! Get ready to experience the thrill of opening Hour of Devastation cards for the very first time and before the set officially releases next week! Everything you’ll need to play will be provided as part of your entry fee — so just show up and play!

Schedule of Events:
Friday, 4/8 @ 11:59 PM: Sealed Constructed!
Saturday, 4/8 @ Noon: Two-Headed Giant!
Saturday, 4/8 @ 7PM: Sealed-Constructed!
Sunday, 4/9 @ Noon: Two-Headed Giant!

Prerelease events are Sealed Deck events, where you build a minimum 40-card deck using the contents of your prerelease pack and use that deck to battle other players. Prizes will be based on standing at the end of the event!

Each Hour of Devastation Prerelease pack contains:
-4 Hour of Devastation Booster Packs
-2 Amonkhet Booster Packs
-1 Random, date-stamped, premium foil card, selected from any rare or mythic in the set!
-1 Spindown d20 life counter

Entry Fee Per Person- $25

Hope to see you planeswalkers all this weekend!!!!

Apr 292017

Have you ever wanted to get into miniature wargaming but were too daunted by how in-depth the hobby looks? Have no fear, Fantasy Flight Games is here! From the publisher who brought you the X-wing miniatures game and Imperial Assault, comes a new fantasy-based game based on the realm of Terrinoth. In Runewars: The Miniatures Game, two players will play head-to-head in giant battles involving various factions. In this game, you and your opponent will gather armies of miniatures and lead them into fierce battle against one-another!

runewars starter_1

By the way, it wouldn’t be a miniature game without miniatures, and this game has a SLEW of them! Forty-eight easily assembled, wonderfully sculpted, unpainted figures, that can be organized in trays to better customize your army and lead it into battle! Can’t say more, because I have some painting to do…

Mar 282017

That time of the week, where I mention a game that isn’t exactly new or shiny, but is FUN and should be OWNED and PLAYED! This week: Conan, the Miniatures Game-




Time: ~1 Hour (scenario dependent)
Genre: Dungeon Crawl semi-cooperative Miniature Game





Conan is a scenario-based, semi-cooperative miniatures game, where one player plays the board, and all other players team up to play as Conan and his companions. This game went through years of game design, and it’s publishers even hired a Conan expert to make sure the theme and scenarios are in line with author Robert E. Howard’s novels and short stories. That aside, this game can and will be enjoyed by players who know nothing of Conan or his mythos.

For a miniatures game, this game is short, fast, and wonderfully designed. Rather than being campaign based like many other miniatures board games (see Descent and Imperial Assault), Conan is split up into scenarios where players choose their characters and play against the Game Master in standalone scenarios with a limited number of turns. Each scenario has different objectives and themes for gameplay diversity, and players may choose different characters depending on what they think is needed in each scenario.

each of their turns characters choose different stances based on what they are trying to accomplish.

Gameplay itself in Conan is incredibly simple, but also streamlined and intuitive. When players want to use an action such as moving or fighting, they simply place one of their “stamina” gems into that portion of their player board, and roll dice equal to the amount of gems used. Gems refresh each turn based on what stance a character chooses, so it’s possible that characters may use all their gems in one epic round and stagger around exhausted while they try and refresh themselves, or play more reserved and pace their actions strategically.

Normally my complaint in a dungeon crawl game revolves around me getting stuck managing the game after no one else volunteers for the job, but this game is different. The job of Game master in this game is incredibly fun and interesting, and this is due in large part to the game system the designers came up for you to run it. The Game Master uses eight slidable titles with groups of monsters associated with each tile and one “respawn” tile. The further down the row the tiles are, the higher their cost in gems. On a GM’s turn, they may activate any two of their tiles, and once activated, the tile slides to the end, costing more the next time it would be activated, but making everything else cost less.

Conan 2

That’s it for Conan. It’s a huge box, Conan is a little busted (as he should be thematically), and although I’ve played the starting scenario over ten times now, I’m STILL not bored with it! (Did I mention it has 74 Miniatures….) #GiveItATry

Feb 282017

Modern Masters












Magic:The Gathering fans rejoice, Modern Masters 2017 is almost here! PACKED with value, MM2017 brings us back to some of the most incredible sets from MTG history and has already spoiled that it’s reprinting many high value cards. Each pack contains 15 random cards, with a guaranteed FOIL in every pack.

As most know, these premium sets are INCREDIBLY limited, so come into the shop soon to preorder your box and get 10% off! Hurry though, because the set drops on March 17th!

Sep 282016

pandemic-reign-of-cthulhuIf there is one thing more threatening to the future of humanity than a worldwide plague, it’s the ancient evil of the Old Ones. Turn cooperation to the max in this newest Lovecraftian twist on the classic Pandemic franchise, Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. Instead of eradicating diseases like in the original Pandemic, you and your friends will play as investigators racing around the classic Lovecraftian towns of Arkham, Dunwich, and Kingsport, on a quest to seal portals and shut down dangerous cults. Work together and you stand a chance. Fall behind, and you might just lose yourself to the madness…

Players: 2-4
Time: 40 Minutes
Ages: 14+
Type: Cooperative, Point-to-Point Movement


Insert you, a spy. Undercover. Covert. In this game of hidden agenda, players deploy their agents all across Cold War Europe with the goal of collecting equipment, accomplishing covert missions, and keeping an eye on rival spy agencies. Each round begins with players rolling their hand of dice and allocating them into either movement, acquiring Agency cards, or gaining and accomplishing missions. Work wisely, move secretly, win Covertly.

Players: 2-4
Time: 45-90 Minutes
Ages: 10+
Type: Card, Dice, Spies/Secret Agents


Is there a task that’s beneath you? Then why not hit the button on your Meeseeks Box and let him help you out! In this dice-based Rick and Morty: Mr. Meeseeks’ Box o’ Fun game, players draw request cards and take turns attempting to fullfill their requirements. The longer you take to complete your requests, the more Mr. Meeseeks will appear, until they turn violent! The player who scores the required number of victory points first, wins!

Players: 2-6
Time: 20-30 Minutes
Ages: 18+
Type: Dice, Humor, Push Your Luck