Jul 052017

QUICK REMINDER (Week of July 4th):
1. Pulp Fiction will NOT be open today (July 4th), so everyone grab some fireworks and celebrate the 4th!
2. Also, due to the 4th landing on a Tuesday, new comics will be coming out on Thursday, July 6th this week. We apologize for the holiday disruption to everyone’s comic-reading plans (we blame the mailman)!
3. Magic: the Gathering Prerelease is this weekend, with events running all weekend long, so everyone get ready for some insane games involving cards from Hour of Devastation.
4. Finally, we won’t be having game night on Sunday this week, because staff is all-hands-on-deck for this weekend’s prerelease! The game room will still be open all day during business hours on Sunday, 12-6! Sorry night gamers, we’ll be back next week though!
Have a safe, fun, and explosive 4th of July everyone! Be safe!

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