Nov 192011

We’re going to start off with a little personal appeal tonight.

This trade paperback I’m going to mention is, one, the third volume, two, from a series that no longer exists in this form, and, three, stars a character you may not know.  Now that I’ve seriously stacked the deck against myself, allow me to continue.

So, yes, Batgirl: The Lesson tpb is the third volume in the series, so it may seem you are coming in at the end of things, but I’m here to tell you that won’t effect your enjoyment of this book at all (that and we can always order volumes one and two).  This was the Batgirl series before the DC 52 relaunch and it starred Stephanie Brown, a C-Level character, as Batgirl.  Stephanie, though a minor character, has been one of the most lovable, enjoyable-to-read characters in the DCU of late; she offered a fresh perspective to the Batgirl mantle in that she enjoyed the job to an obsessive degree but wasn’t always perfect at it.  The dialog crackled, the action was well illustrated, and Stephanie had some of the best team-ups ever with the likes of Supergirl, Klarion the Witch Boy, and Damien (Robin), all of which should be in this volume.  If you’re looking for that rare comic book that stars an intelligent, interesting female character, but doesn’t pander with lots of excessive T&A shots, this is that rare book. 

We’ll take a variety of currency options up here at Pulp Fiction, but one thing we will not take is World of Warcraft coinage.  That doesn’t mean we won’t sell it, though.

Which brings me to the fact that this Wednesday we will be receiving two limited edition, collector’s coin sets for World of Warcraft, one Alliance, one Horde.  Each of these sets includes three coins related to their respected factions, all displayed in a dapper glass display case.  Every coin is pressed with a key faction leader on one side and that faction leader’s home city on the other.  Again, these sets are limited to 1000 printings (tiny, tiny for things like this), so grab them now or cry yourself to sleep later.

Any self-respecting Lovecraft fan knows that Arkham is not just an asylum in Batman.  Well, now anyone else can learn about this thanks to the new Lovecraft Library volume 1: Horror Out of Arkham HC.  Collecting a vast amount Lovecraft’s most popular stories, accompanied by gorgeous full-page painted illustrations.  To name a few, there is “The Dunwich Horror”, “The Dreams of the Witch House”, and “The Shadow Out of Time”.  The collection is also edited by noted author Robert Weinberg.  That’s so much Lovecraft you’ll be speaking R’lyehian to yo momma!

Past their expiration date and still causing all kinds of mayhem, Milk and Cheese are back and bigger than ever!  Milk and Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad HC collects every single appearance of the destructive duo ever published!

Oh, and a crap ton of extra crap!  That’s sketches!  That’s script stuff!  That’s pure craziness!

Evan Dorkin rules all dairy!

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