Oct 222011

Jason Aaron is a busy man.

Not only did he just finish a phenomenal X-Men miniseries in Schism, begin his downhill sprint toward the end of hailed Vertigo series Scalped, and continue to pump out issues of Wolverine like it’s a breeze, but, this week, he begins writing two new series, Incredible Hulk and Wolverine & the X-Men.

Wolverine & the X-Men follows the events of Schism, where Cyclops and Wolverine separated the team in two, with Logan taking his recruits back to X-Manor in Westchester.  Anyone who’s read Aaron’s Wolverine knows he has a lock on the character beyond compare!  He also has a perchance for putting him through some weird, unexpected paces that result in Wolverine stories you’ve never seen before.  All of this is build up to me saying that, with Aaron and Chris Bachalo on the book, this is a must by!

The second Jason Aaron joint this week comes in a mean, green, don’t-make-him-angry package.  This is, of course, the new Kermit the Frog ongoing series!  That would have worked better if I hadn’t said Incredible Hulk in the first paragraph.  Anyway, tag-teaming with superstar artist Marc Silvestri, Aaron is dividing the equation by separating Banner from the Hulk.  Looking for peace, the Hulk relocates to Moleman city, but do you think the words Hulk and peace can coexist together?  With luck, Kermit will be coming next month.

Unless you want to hop aboard the cosmic treadmill and transport yourself back in time to the summer, the easiest way to catch up on the recent Flashpoint miniseries from DC is to pick up this week’s hardcover edition of it.  I know there are a lot of people out there who like to wait for a collection on a series like this (I think that can be a smart move) and Flashpoint is, certainly, one you should wait no longer for.  For one thing, if you’re reading any of the New 52 books and want to see where that creepy cloaked lady came from and how the universe was reset, this is the series that did it.  Outside of that, though, this is simply a well written event.  When you’re dealing with an alternate reality where Batman is a different person, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are villains, Superman is a skinny, pale science experiment, and no one knows how it got that way, you know you’re in for a crazy fun ride.    

Okay.  Heavy stuff’s outta the way.  Time for things like Teriyaki Zombie Jerky.

Did I just type that?  Checking, checking, checking.  I guess I did.

Well, what more can you say?  It’s green, it comes in a hazardous waste bag, and it’s apocalypse size.

Oh, and it’s made from real zombie.

Alright, that’s a lie.

Real zombie by-product.

Who’s dressing up for Halloween?  No, I’m not talking to the Internet people, I’m talking about Zatanna!  AME COMI gets into the holiday spirit (Spirit, ghost, get it?  Joke?) with a variant version of their previously released Zatanna PVC statue.  As you can see, she’s changed her color scheme a bit, as well as changing up what she’s pulling out of her trusty top hat, but overall, she’s still the same classy, quality statue from before.

Hey, at least she doesn’t have fishnets on her arms.

Too soon?

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