Aug 292011

The Pitch is holding it’s annual Best Of voting spree over the next couple of weeks to decide everything amazing, trendy, and “must-see” in Kansas City.  Sadly there’s no Comic Book or Game Store category.  But that’s where you guys come in!

You can go to The Pitch‘s website here and vote in the Best Category We Forgot option for Comic Book Store or Game Store.  Either way, we’d really appreciate it if you also added Pulp Fiction Comics & Games at the end of that.  Just remember, you have to vote in a minimum of 20 categories to make your vote count.  But, on the plus side, you can vote once every day until the end of voting, so if you find yourself with a free moment at work or something, jump on over and cast a ballot!

Suggestions for other categories:

Best Mexican Restaurant:  Maggie’s Authentic Mexican Foods

Best Ice Cream:  Poppy’s Ice Cream & Coffee House

Best Local Writer:  Dennis Hopeless

  3 Responses to “Place Your Votes…For Us!!!”

  1. Another suggestion: best Indian – Mirchies!! How dare you overlook it? :P

  2. Agreed! I seriously almost suggested Mirchies, Kat! It’s personally one of my favorite restaurants to eat at nowadays, but I didn’t know if anyone else had eaten there.

  3. Pulp fiction is the bomb! I’ve been a loyal (weekly) customer since they opened.


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