Aug 192011

Tonight’s word is synergy.  That’s pronounced si-ner-gee, G.

But before we get to that, let’s discuss some other important words, namely teenage, mutant, ninja, and turtles.  Relaunching through IDW next week, the original shellheads, the one, the only, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And if you’ve always wanted to read up on the TMNT comics, this is the time to jump on.  With Kevin Eastman (one of the original creators) steering the ship, this new Turtles books will be a back-to-the-basics slice and dice action adventure book with all the characters you’ve come to know.  And if you’re still on the fence just take a gander at the conjoining set of covers at the right.  What the shell, son, buy them all?!

Now for a little bit of that synergy I mentioned at the start.  Two unrelated properties have some how miraculously come together next week in a thematic bonding unseen until this point in the Comic List Highlights posts.  These two starstruck lovers are Doctor Who and Green Lantern.  Both space bound.  Both universal police, of a sort.  And, this week, both USB compatible.  Yes, first up is the Tardis USB Hub.  This police box of awesomeness plugs into any USB port splitting it into four.  Not only does it quadruple your USB power, but also gives you a little rush of joy every time you plug in a new device as it flashes its lights and makes that famous Tardis vrooming.  And, secondly, what do you plug into your Tardis USB Hub but a Green Lantern 4Gb Flashdrive?  With a pop off top, a mini-Lantern ring, and a cute cartoony design, there is no better flashdrive to carry around with you, but the predominate space cop, Hal Jordan.

Don’t know about everyone out there in Internet wonderland, but I grew up watching this cartooncalled Batman the Animated Series.  If you haven’t ever seen this cartoon (the greatest cartoon ever!) then go search it out immediately, but if you have (like the rest of us) then you’ll know that Harley Quinn was originally developed for this show.  Now, she’s gone on to become an incredibly popular character, but it all started with Batman the Animated Series.  However you first became aware of Harley, though, there’s no denying she’s never looked better than the new Harley Quinn 1/4 Scale Statue. Don’t gaze too long, though, because my girlfriend will steal this guy right out from under your nose.

To end on a hopeful note of synergy again we turn to the wise, patient, and tentacle-headed Saint Walker.  Maybe people like the color blue, maybe they’re attracted to the concept of hope, whatever the case anything with a Blue Lantern symbol slapped on it is a hot property up here at Pulp.  For that reason, I present to you folks the new Saint Walker mini-bust. An equally detailed sculpt as any of the other Blackest Night DCU mini-busts DC has been releasing lately, the Saint Walker bust comes displayed on a sharp Blue Lantern base.  What’s more, and this is where the synergy comes in, this week also marks the release of another light-up prop lantern (you guessed it), the Blue Lantern one.  So, stop in and fill up on hope this Wednesday at Hope Fiction.

Yeah, I was stretching for that last one.  Sue me, it’s late.

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