Jul 302011
Pulp Fiction is hosting an 'Ard Boyz tournament on Aug. 13 2011

Bring your best!

Pulp Fiction Comics & Games will be running a Warhammer 40k ‘Ard Boyz Tournament on August 13th! What is “Ard Boyz” you ask? Let’s let the fine folks at Games Workshop explain:

‘Ard Boyz Tournaments are a three-part, competitive series of events hosted by Independant Retailers across North America. Unlike the traditional tournament format you may be familiar with that takes into consideration your painting and sportsmanship, the ‘Ard Boyz Tournaments focus on one thing and one thing only – how well you play the game! These tournaments are the place to field that nasty list you felt guilty about playing, or that massive horde army you couldn’t hope to paint in time.

We’ll be running a 16 person tournament with prize support! The event is on Saturday, August 13. The sign in starts at 9am and the first round will begin at 10am! ¬†There is no cost to sign up ¬†and prereg is now open so come on out and sign up!

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