Nov 192010

The Bat onslaught continues this week!  Two perfect jumping on points arrive in Batwoman #0 and Detective Comics #871.

If you read any of the previous Batwoman storyline by Greg Rucka that appeared in Detective Comics, you know she’s a fascinating character.  You also know that the art, done by J. H. Williams III, is one of the most gorgeous things ever put to paper.  With #0, Williams is taking over writing duties, as well as staying on for the interior art.  I would totally recommend going back and picking up the previous Batwoman trades, but even without doing that #0 should make for a great entrance into the character and her storyline.

Detective Comics #871 sends Dick Grayson-Batman in a new direction as Scott Snyder, writer and co-creator of American Vampire, takes the reins.  Snyder has been hyping in interviews that he plans to play with the idea that Gotham City offers a different experience for Dick as Batman than it did Bruce.  Criminals begin reacting in a more violent fashion as Dick is not as menacing as Bruce, for example.  Considering Snyder has made American Vampire one of the most popular and well written books on the shelf, his Batman should be equally impressive.  Oh, and Jock, of The Losers fame, is doing art.  It’s sick.

Next up are two brilliant statues, one from DC and one from Marvel.  First off is the DC Dynamics Supergirl statue.  This is the most recent in the DC Dynamics series that included Green Lantern and Superman (you might have seen them in the case up by the games).  All of them have extended bases tied into the colors and designs of the characters.  For example, Superman and Supergirl’s lower halves are stretched out in a red “speed” design.

Dr. Doom receives a gnarly “classic” statue from Bowen.  Lets get serious here, you can never have too many Dr. Doom statues; the guy looks imposing doing anything!  Heck, I’d probably buy a Dr. Doom reading the newspaper statue if they put one out.  I’m sure most of you will be happy to find out the pose for this statue is a little more active than that, though.

For anyone that missed out on it the first time (because it sold out quicker than bottled water in the desert) we are getting a crap ton of Superman: Earth One graphic novels back in.  The Shane Davis art is killer and J. Michael Straczynski (of Babylon 5 and Thor) weaves the story, which is a fresh, updated version of the Superman’s origin.  If you’ve read any of Marvel’s Ultimate line of books, this is essentially the DC version of those.

We end with cuteness today.  DC continues hitting us tiny, big headed versions of their characters this week as they release plush versions of Catwoman, Joker, and Wonder Woman.  If you remember or own any of the previous plush figures (Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Superman) you know the level of irresistible darling that these guys display.




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  1. Hey man. Throw Batwoman on my pull list please.

  2. Gotcha on it, Pat.

  3. Hey do you guys still have that Dr. Doom statue? I will be in tomorrow!

  4. Barring anything wonky happening with the comic shipment, we will have the Dr. Doom statue by the time we open tomorrow, Zach. Would you like us to set one aside for you or anything?

  5. Depends, how much are they? LOL

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